Even before the personal & professional tolls of the COVID-19 pandemic, the stress of meeting the needs of children and families in our country's overtaxed educational system placed education professionals at high risk for compassion fatigue and burnout. Most educators learn very quickly that impairment and burnout can sneak up on us before we even realize it. During this workshop, participants will explore how compassion fatigue develops for educators. The discussion will include clarification on the related development of vicarious trauma, secondary traumatic stress, and burnout. Participants will learn how to assess factors related to their current state of wellness, and begin the process of developing ideas that can contribute to holistic wellness plan development. 


Learning Objectives 

  1. List 2 contributors to vicarious trauma, secondary traumatic stress, compassion fatigue, and burnout in educators and the related impact on professional impairment 
  2. Assess personal wellness factors and the possible impact of compassion fatigue on current wellness 
  3. Identify 2 areas for personalized development of a self-care plan 

This course is closed for enrollment.